Discipline Faculty

Daksha: Kitchen Grinder

Neelaabh Rabindra Pal

V S Ravishankar

The project aimed to design an efficient and intuitive food preparation appliance for India focused on South Indian cuisine. It involved understanding the food habits to identify consumer needs and gaps of the current appliances. Homemakers were interviewed and restaurant kitchens and stores were visited to observe the procedures of food preparation and buyer behavior. The study suggested that the primitive sil batta is the most widely used food processing tool. A burr grinder and low speed is preferred over a blade and high RPM for achieving control on the texture, flavor and aroma of the ground.

Neelaabh designed a complete kitchen grinder that can perform both dry and wet grinding keeping the nutrients, aroma and flavors intact. ‘Daksha’ includes a grinding jar for wet grinding and a dry grinding chamber for dry grinding with a stone disc and abrasive surfaces on both sides to retain the texture. It is a proprietary design for which the patent is pending.