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Understanding Space in Site-responsive, Immersive Theatre

Amreeta Banerjee

Mayank Loonker

The project was carried out with Crow, a Delhi based Immersive Theatre Company. In traditional theatrical spaces, distancing occurs through rules of engagement and the formation of the space that separates the audience from the world presented on stage. Whereas in immersive practice, the space is integral to the experience, as the audience are not separated from the world of the production but in it. Therefore, it was crucial to understand the role of space and all its nuances in the context of Immersive Theatre.
Amreeta attempted to form a more holistic understanding of space in Immersive Theatre through a series of workshops, interviews and productions, supported and sponsored by Crow. The project reflected on and analyzed the role of spatial elements, scenography, and site-responsiveness in achieving and sustaining immersion in theatre. Amreeta also attempted to synthesize and collate a few design principles to be kept in mind while designing for such an enterprise.