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Jul-Leh-Pashmina: When Pashmina Greets

Padma Raj Keshri

Amit Sinha

Looms of Ladakh Women’s Cooperative is the fruit of a skill development initiative, Project Laksal, which aims to bring together unemployed women artisans from remote villages of Ladakh. The women are trained by designers to produce knitted and woven products from raw materials sourced locally. The objective of the project was to create design innovations within the traditional sweater and handloom skill of Nambu through understanding of the art and architecture of palaces in and around Leh.
The design process started with understanding the artisans’ skill sets. The color palette was identified and yarn explorations were done. Padma taught the artisans to take inspiration from their culture and transform it onto the swatches. Swatches developed in actual colors and size helped in the planning of the product range. It was ensured that the sizing was a perfect fit for domestic and international markets and the final products were categorized into Knits and Weaves.