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Exploration on Banana Plant for Textile and Composite Production

Priya Ashok Palwe

Sakthivel V

The idea of creating value added products from agricultural waste and generating employment, inspired Priya to explore banana pseudo-stem as a raw material for textile and composite products. She conducted experiments in a dyeing lab to optimize fibre properties for long spinning trials. Weaving samples using linen and silk, revealed that banana stem gives a finer, silk-like texture to the fibre. Hand and machine spinning of banana fibre were attempted, to understand the difficulty in the disposal.
Priya realized how the waste generated from harvested banana plants could be used as raw material, by creating a system for farmers and employing women by teaching them the required skills. The design direction had the potential to empower rural people by offering unlimited employment opportunities in stem cultivation, fibre extraction, strand weaving and marketing and sale of these products. A workshop based on skill development was carried out in Assam to implement the concept and generate innovative prototypes for socio-agricultural development.