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Making Bindass a Multi-Platform Entertainment Destination

Vartika Mishra

Dr Tridha Gajjar

As part of her graduation project, Vartika worked in the field of UI/UX design for Bindass TV, a Disney (India) entertainment channel with Fractal Ink Design Studio. Bindass TV is targeted at Indian youth and the scope of the project needed a supporting application to the existing Bindass ecosystem to elevate their brand and showcase their realistic shows, original soundtracks, teasers, promos and so forth. Thus, there was the need for a single, structured comprehensive platform.
The project involved research which led to modeling and defining of personas and context scenarios. Object relationships, conceptual groupings, navigation sequencing and flow were derived through card sorting and then the information architecture and wireframes were designed. In the final stage, a visual language was created for the designed experience by making mood boards, icons and setting a style. All the screens in the application were developed after user testing.