Discipline Faculty

Reflections: Home and Beyond

Rahul Shukla

Nijoo Dubey

The boom in the residential real estate industry over the last few decades has given an impetus to the home décor market. Also driving the growth of the sector, was the result of an increased consciousness among home owners for stylish interiors and beautiful indoors. Rahul’s project aimed to help the brand Spaces communicate its ideology of ‘comfortable living’ visually, by building impactful creatives with strong brand cues to stand out from competition. The design process included research to understand the need and motivation for Bed and Bath products in consumers’ lives, importance of POS in a retail setup and the role of packaging.
Insights generated helped in understanding the pain points of purchase and how a crowd could be enticed into a retail space using POS as an effective medium. Multiple concepts were created for window displays, focal point displays, Visual Merchandising, POS and product packaging, providing opportunities to leverage the brand visually through brand communication.