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Divya Kulshreshtha

Shashank Mehta

Handcrafted Inspiration is a platform which engages artisan community with budding designers to make handcrafted swatches capturing the beauty of material and skill involved in different craft traditions in India. The objective was to provide an opportunity to artisans to showcase their expertise and mend the breakdown of historic artisan-consumer relationship. Divya achieved bringing together craft enthusiasts and artisans by setting up a website that acted as a critical window to a world of opportunities.

Some of the challenges he faced were the insecurity of the artisans about someone copying their work without credits and their rejections to share craft secrets with anyone. An important support system for him had been the words of advice from experienced craft enthusiasts and academicians from the National Institute of Design. Artisans in the country seek global platforms to showcase their knowhow and Handcrafted inspirations has been successful in providing that opportunity.