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Beyond Obvious

Siddhartha Pithani

Shrinkhala Aren

Rajasthan has a rich heritage of dyed, printed and woven textiles. Along with stories of the origin and evolution of these fabrics, there has always been an alternative narrative of colors and the hands that render them. The art and process of making these fabrics, iteratively establish the rules of the same, but as an everyday practice, the same method becomes a new story every time.
The film is about a color that travels from the distant source of its makers into the world of its users in a color-print form. It connects the two worlds through the emotion that manifests into a pigment, uniquely fashioned through each craft associated with it. Siddhartha emphasized the role of the hands working with these colors every day. The anecdote flows through the transformation of the color from an ordinary element into a craft, after passing through the craftsmen’s hands.