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Branding and Strategy for Boom A Gift

Swapnaneel Ray

Dr Tridha Gajjar

Boom A Gift is a micro gifting app founded by Vikrant Khanna that intends to redefine gifting by blending e-gifting and social networks. It enables users to gift cool, relevant, low value stuff like a coffee, pizza, cab ride, movie tickets or fashion vouchers, that can be redeemed through an e-coupon. The project’s aim was
to ideate and implement a rebrand strategy for Boom A Gift which aided in brand visibility, perception and engagement with users.
Research helped Swapnaneel expand his understanding of branding as a domain of graphic design and its relevance as a medium of communication, with the intention to create a positive brand entity, which was conversational and desirable to interact with. It also facilitated clarity on user interface design with regards to the holistic and cohesive visual language of the brand. A deeper appreciation for graphic design as a field of study and practice, developed during the project.