Discipline Faculty

Water Efficient and Compact Top Loader Washing Machine

Aditya Vijay Patil

Shashank Mehta

The initial brief of Aditya was to explore the potential of applying his learnings to exploring consumer products in the home appliance sector. He had to research and work on appliance product design by understanding how to bring design thinking in a hard-core engineering company. His departmental research resulted in learning better maintenance, water saving techniques and efficient cleaning.
As a part of his updated brief during the research process, he conducted a comparative study to understand the pros and cons of both, front load and top load washing machine and designed a compact, water efficient top load machine. The procedure provided knowledge on material, process and features that imparted effective wash strength, a sophisticated kitchen appliance design, great capacity in a minimalist prototype and water efficiency. The Ultra wave technology, infinity wash and nano wash system made the product innovative and efficient. The prototype was a good learning in terms of mock-up process understanding for Aditya.