Discipline Faculty

Redesigning Enterprise IT and HR Service Portal Experience

Vinodhini Ramasamy Nagarajan

Chakradhar Saswade

The objective of Vinodhini’s project was to redesign the Enterprise IT and HR Service portal experience at Schneider Electric, powered by a cloud-based platform called ServiceNow. The enterprise service ecosystem was observed, followed by research on processes, technology, services and trends. Research methods like contextual enquiry, work ambience and analogous service usage observations were used. Data analysis was followed by service journey mapping for service receivers and providers. Ideas to enhance the enterprise service experience were put together. Different approaches to design were framed to balance business and employee needs.
The approved approach was tested and then designed for immediate implementation by the organization. Another approach was designed as a future scope, to be considered when the content and technology platform were ready. For an enhanced experience, changes had to be made on other pillars
of service like operations, communication, content, process and training. Therefore, ideas were recommended to other service pillars also.