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Figura: Diagramming for Students

Devi Bindiyarani Mutum

Shashank Mehta

The aim of the project was to understand the landscape of diagramming in the education scenario, amongst different student user groups and design a solution that would cater to their core diagramming needs. The solution required to organically merge with the actual diagramming flow and maintain a fun and enjoyable core diagramming experience. Since the project was of a completely new type, understanding of the existing product Visio,
was crucial to be able to develop ideas around the product.
The final proposed concept was of a browser-based drawing tool that could be accessible with any internet connection without downloading the app or software. The tool named ‘Figura’ was designed to consider the actual flow of a diagram creation and had the salient features of a data dump space, real time collaboration amongst students and a simplified ribbon toolbar to promote exploration and reduce anxiety of using a digital tool.