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Agent Initiated Dispatch for Uber


Aneesha Sharma

The project aimed at making Uber accessible by creating and opening different alternative avenues for riders to use the service. Presently, almost all Uber pickups happen through the mobile app or website, where users have a working internet connection and can specify their pickup location through GPS. However, challenges like the lack of or intermittent cellular connectivity, low end smartphones, low memory and slow processors are pain points for riders using the existing options.
Vipasha’s objective was to bring this rider base onto the Uber network. The desired scenario was to look at different means by which Uber could be accessed by people. The idea was to make transportation simple and seamless to use, beyond the means of the web or mobile app, which have its own limitations. The designed concept provided a magical ride experience outside the Uber app making it work on any connectivity profile through a short, suggestive and complete booking process.