Discipline Faculty

Fine Jewellery Designing for Tanishq

Harman Kaur

Amit Sinha

The project was aimed at designing jewellery for different customer segments of Tanishq, by understanding its sub-brands, market presence and design processes. It also included studying the usability aspect of jewellery, for which data collection was done through surveys, customer interaction and company employees. This helped Harmanjot in understanding the translation of brand inspiration into products and commercial aspects of product development at a larger scale.
Her first collection ‘Bloom’, was studded and inspired from fresh flowers of spring, set in white gold while the second collection was of handcrafted plain gold with an ethnic look for festive occasions, inspired by rich, traditional tribal jewellery. The third range was to increase the brand presence by incorporating the brand logo in jewellery designs and a signature collection with a traditional touch for everyday use. The research helped her look at jewellery from a minimal, technical and functional lens.