Discipline Faculty

Bone China Lightings

Ravinder Kumar Chandoliya

Swagata S Naidu

Through his project with Oasis Ceramic Pvt. Ltd, Ravinder designed lighting products using bone china material for residential spaces. The requirement was for products that could be mass produced with minimum waste. Data collection began with the study of lighting, bone china and residential spaces. Botanical elements such as mushrooms, leaves, seeds and pods were considered keeping in mind the nature theme, for which seeds and pods were selected as the final inspiration.
The final concept had a unique magnet connector, which provided the possibility of creating many lighting opportunities for the future. The magnet connector joined the two main body parts together without using any tool, giving a better experience to the user and solving the firing limitation of bone china as well. The patterns, colors, textures and forms took inspiration from the beautiful natural environment that the project was developed.