Discipline Faculty

Danke Ka Kaam

Divya Gupta

Swasti Singh Ghai

Aavaran based in Udaipur, Rajasthan aims to promote and evolve traditional crafts while economically empowering crafts people and other stakeholders in the value chain. Divya’s brief was to design embroidery motifs for a new collection of luxury women’s apparel with an Indian inspired theme, including embroideries and native handwork for a contemporary look. In Udaipur, Divya discovered ‘Danke ka kaam’, a four-hundred-year-old technique that involves embroidering square concave metal sheets onto a piece of cloth.
It was imperative to modernize the technique to keep the craft alive. Dynamic embroidery patterns were created using basic geometry and native flora. The final outcome was a collection of motifs inspired by Mughal floral art. The project introduced a new design language for the brand that broke away from the conventional style while retaining the essence of Indian visual traditions with modern aesthetics. ‘Danke ka kaam’ is an upcoming festive collection of Aavaran, Udaipur for 2018-19.