Discipline Faculty

The Product Skin

Anushka Rani

Sucharita Beniwal

Anushka’s Color, Material, Finish and Pattern (CMF+P) graduation project revolved around developing a methodology to gather information to predict upcoming trends in consumer appliances for the design team of Havells India Pvt. Ltd. The aim was to come up with new trends for the years 2018-2020 based on defining different client personas for the products. Thereafter, the trends had to be taken forward for application onto consumer appliances such as dry irons, fans and mixer grinders for the coming season.
Primary consumer research, PESTED analysis and studies of major trends helped in the conceptualization of one major trend named ‘Elude’ and three sub-trends namely ‘Raw Charm’, ‘Reminiscence’ and ‘Techstacy’. New colors and finishes of the trend were developed along with thematic print patterns. Havells CMF Trend book 2018-2020, application of the trend themes on mixer grinders and fans along with development of the prototypes were the final deliverables of the project.