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Geometrical Tryst: A Collection of Home Furnishing Fabrics and Cushions

Ushasi Rudra

Vijai Singh Katiyar

As part of her project, Ushashi was entrusted the research of two significant clients of GM Syntex, to study their styles, design directions, colors and trends. Her brief was to come up with new design concepts and techniques that were relevant in the market. After thorough research, she worked with geometrics to create artworks, while adding her own sensibilities to the brand style and theme and designed three collections of home furnishing fabrics.
The ‘Mark Making’ collection manifested the feel, appearance and consistency of fabrics by translating a variety of painted surfaces into indistinguishable fabric surfaces. The ‘Stardust Melody’ collection of fabrics could be described as a book of geometry consisting of pages from history with inspirations from the era of art deco. The ‘Ndebele Life’ collection had tribal elements as an essential feature with their own tradition and style of house painting. She also used textile techniques like Jacquard, print and embroidery.