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Tranquil: Seat Design for Deluxe Bus

Aniket Gulab Patil

Vipul Vinzuda

During the course of his graduation project, Aniket had the opportunity to work with Harita Seating Systems Limited in Tamil Nadu. The thesis aimed to design and develop seats for deluxe, semi-sleeper buses with unmatched aesthetics and functional requirements. During the course of his project, he experienced the role of a designer in a practical situation involving management, idea communication and design directions. The product was also about intelligent innovation with the aim to upgrade the journey experience through meaningful design and purpose.
Aniket maintained a participatory design approach to understand the situations dwelling in compact spaces and aimed to deliver a suitable solution in the best interest of passengers. The research helped Aniket to discover problems and solutions when the system worked more efficiently in a closed loop, by refraining from external interaction and surviving with what was available within the physical reach.