Discipline Faculty

Internal Collaboration Platform for Workplace

Aritro Saha

Chakradhar Saswade

The project aimed to understand the workplace scenario at Sprinklr, focusing on the employees’ efficiency in the organization. To achieve this collaboration, communication, connecting and resource sharing between employees at the workplace were studied. Aritro’s objective was to come up with an internal and integrated platform for the employees, which would enable them to collaborate with each other and access relevant information without losing context at any point of time.
The project was initiated with strong context gathering and secondary research in the domain of enterprise collaboration. Research and data analysis was followed by ideations for possible solutions. A few ideas were conceptualized further, leading to exploration, prototyping and initial user testing. A clear idea was finalized, based on the concept users were able to adapt to easily. The final design took the form of an integrated platform which consisted of features like messenger for communication, task manager for collaboration, file storage to access information and much more.