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The Blues

Nripa Vyas

Swasti Singh Ghai

The project was carried out at Akaaro, a Delhi-based design studio that works with traditional crafts, using a contemporary visual language and treatment, to manufacture exclusive garments catering to clientele that appreciate innovative woven textiles. The brief was to create a set of fabric yardages for winter womenswear, using medium to heavy weight materials such as silk, wool and cotton on Jacquard handloom, with embroidery techniques. The fabrics needed to have a contemporary appeal and be commercially viable.
The design inspiration was the patented colour Yves Klein Blue. Nripa studied the chemistry of the color, as well as the artist’s philosophies and paintings. Paper and mixed media explorations were done keeping in mind the brand’s aesthetics. Different compositions and textures were developed and turned into fabric exploration swatches, of which a set of fabrics were curated and turned into a collection to produce garments for the domestic as well as international market.