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Designing Strategies for Microsoft in ‘Capture as a Space’

Rakesh Lallubhai Patel

S Guruprasad

Rakesh’s project was about understanding user behavior of taking pictures and deriving various patterns. Rakesh had to design and envision the possibilities of how Office Lens could cater to the fundamental need of users and how research could help set up a concrete roadmap in the future. He studied how a smartphone camera contributed to enhancing productivity at work and realized that clarity, accessibility, portability and control were some of the critical aspects that affect the same.
The most significant learnings Rakesh had, were to understand the approach for exploratory research, UX and strategies. He realized that one could never sit in an office and assume things, going out in the field to understand the real problem was essential. He had the opportunity to work with a diverse team of engineers, project managers, team leaders and UX researchers. To convince everyone of the common ground and to communicate his ideas was challenging as well as interesting.