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Designing User Experience for Project Workbook Portal

Naga Naga Vyas

Aneesha Sharma

The objective of ‘Project Workbook (PWB)’ was to understand the project management system with respect to Schneider internal processes and requirements and come up with design solutions to make the portal intuitive and enhance the overall experience of the user. The portal acts as a repository for different projects handled within the organization. It helps the leadership to have an overview and know the status of the projects to take decisions. The platform also helps in pitching of potential ideas and turning them into new projects.
The Stanford Design School process was adopted while working on the PWB project. User interviews, questionnaires and existing portal review were done to understand the project needs and requirements. Insights derived from the research process led to ideation. Intuitive and easy navigation, lesser number of clicks, time taken to perform a task and structured information were some of the KPIs considered for design validation with the users.