Discipline Faculty

Sound over Visuals

Suraj Barthy

Dr Jignesh Khakhar

Sounds have been overpowered by visuals most of the times, because the focus has always been on improving the quality of visuals in media until visuals reach a certain level of quality. This can also be attributed to humans being visceral creatures. The visceral sense is run by the automatic qualities of human emotion and wiring (instinct theory), which are almost entirely out of their control. An experience can not be made more immersive by playing with the visuals any more as the quality of visuals have reached a level of saturation due to direct dependency on technological growth.
One way to tackle this is to improve the audio experience which will increase the level of immersion without the user even realizing the reason. This thought led to the ultimate objective of the project which was to design an experience only with sound and find relevant insights in the process.