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Designing an App to aid Line Maintenance Mechanics in their Tasks

Rohan Arora

V S Ravishankar

The aim of the project is to aid Line Maintenance of Honeywell Aerospace mechanics in their daily tasks. Double diamond process was followed by discovering the problem, defining it, developing concepts and delivering the solution. The tasks of maintenance professionals were studied in detail using interview method, questionnaires, troubleshoot workflows and human factors. Insights revealed temporary disabilities faced by aircraft technicians such as greasy hands restricting the grip on phone or iPad, small diagrams, noise and distracting environment.

A brief was formulated to design an application on near-to-eye device to allow the user to view documents in a glance, remotely connect to an expert and identify components. Designing the application required understanding the content, hierarchy, user task flow, audio navigation and information architecture. Rohan worked with development team to build a prototype which was tested by maintenance mechanics. His learnings were to understand temporary disability with respect to universal design and working with multiple stakeholders.