Discipline Faculty

Augmenting Crowd Surveillance by Exploiting Resilience Strategies and Predictive Analytics

Putchala Prasanth

Bhaumik Nagar

Assurance of a secure environment has become an issue of paramount importance. Crowd disasters in particular, can be completely prevented with proactive planning and flawless execution, with the support of emerging smart technologies. The objective of the project was to design a surveillance system that could address the needs and challenges of security organizations to manage mass gatherings through technological collaborations. Using resilience strategies and predictive mode based on crowd analytics, potential crowd accidents can be prevented.
The ‘MassDirect’ suite was designed to help streamline complex operations by better coordination of systems, teams and devices across distributed facilities, through a suite of applications for diverse interfaces like desktops, laptops, wall-mounted touchscreens and web browsers, designed to facilitate crowd management operations from virtually anywhere. An intuitive map-based interface can make it easier and quicker, to access critical information. With incident workflows, standard operating procedures can be used to efficiently respond to a variety of situations.