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Bhoot Bhobishhot Bortoman (The Past, Present and the Future)

Samyo Ghoshal

Sekhar Mukherjee

Presented in the garb of a simple ghost-story and narrated in the form of folk-tales, Samyo’s short film ‘Bhut Bhobishhot Bortomaan’ discusses the theme of social and caste-based divisions in Indian society. The project is based on poetry written by Samyo’s father Nabarun Ghoshal, called Bhut-Bidroho (The Ghost Revolt). The poem talks about a ghost who questions societal divisions present even in the after-life. Research on Bengali ghost stories and narrative styles of Bengali folklores consolidated the ideas.

Different styles of shadow-puppetry were explored to finalize the puppet animation design used in the film. The visual theme and background to complement the puppets were hand drawn. The entire animation was done manually by placing the puppets on a blue board, animating them and then replacing the blue screen with the background. Samyo lastly assembled all the elements of the scenes into the backgrounds digitally and composited them in after-effects.