Discipline Faculty

Visual Merchandising for Titan and Fastrack Stores

Akshay Avinash Katkade

C S Susanth

During his assignment with Titan, Akshay got the opportunity to work on multiple projects under the World of Titan and Fastrack retail stores. The focus of the project was to improve the overall experience of the stores and increase their accessibility and visibility by attracting users with the help of Visual Merchandising. The project required the understanding and study of users, stores, materials and fixtures, as well as competitive brand analysis in order
to get knowledge of the current trends and styles used in retail spaces.
The brief of the project was to enhance the store experience with a customer-centric approach to enhance customer delight and the shopping experience. Ideations were done and solutions were proposed based on identification of problem areas. Problems in each category were solved strategically.
The final deliverables of the project were a mix of graphics, fixtures, visual merchandiser and a proposal of a complete system.