Discipline Faculty

Redesigning the Experience of Online Collaboration Tool OAM (Object Attribute Manager)

Abhinav Gupta

Chakradhar Saswade

Object Attribute Manager is a proprietary SAP tool, which is used internally by SAP employees worldwide, for tracking issues, managing and maintaining ongoing project information and organizing information among teams. Added modules have increased the flexibility of the tool. Abhinav’s responsibilities for the redesign of the tool ranged from understanding the existing features and all its functionalities, identifying the user base and understanding their pain points and needs, as well as analyzing other similar tools available in the market.
Results were filtered based on research and the final mock-ups were a result of extensive iterations and feedback from users and mentors. The final output was not just the redesign of the existing tool, but also included new features and improvements which would greatly increase its usability and make it widely accessible to a majority of the SAP audience, which until now consider it to be a very technical tool.