Discipline Faculty

Workload Insights on Azure

Jerry Joseph Payyapilly

Chakradhar Saswade

The project brief followed by Jerry required the design of an on-boarding and dashboard authoring experience, for external partners and consultants to add their monitoring solutions to the workload monitoring inventory on Azure, to enable the reuse of existing solutions and improve and implement on the Cloud with the latest charts and visualizations. An extensive research was followed by analysis and synthesis of insights, resulting in brainstorming and ideation. Wireframes were designed and validated, followed by explorations which were converted to high-fidelity prototypes.
Multiple refinements were made on the designs and an extensive study of charts and visualizations was then conducted to set the parameters required to assess the monitoring solutions. This was followed by studying the monitoring solutions on various cloud platforms and how third-party solutions integrated with them. Jerry’s prior experience in IT helped him in decoding and simplifying the non-cloud to cloud transition of monitoring dashboards, to design a complex solution which was taken forward for development.