Discipline Faculty

User Experience for E-Commerce: Improving Catalogue Building Experience for Sellers

Pooja Suman

Jagriti P Galphade

The purpose of the project was to solve the problems ShopClues was facing while dealing with the sellers through a thorough analysis of the product and user base involved with ShopClues. The process was to analyse the system and identify the loop holes created between the two. With the help of insights obtained from the research, Pooja created a seller experience for onboarding, login, registration and catalogue building which involved database and backend redesign.

The system responded in an effective manner to utilize the data provided by the users and to help the system and the sellers in making the interaction short and efficient. Research was conducted closely with the sellers, marketing and technology teams, visual and UX designers. It also involved interviews, surveys, seller meets and seminars and communication with the complaint management cell. The internship taught Pooja to work within strict timelines, hands-on prototyping and designing real-time user experience solutions.