Discipline Faculty

A Sustainable Fresh Produce Procurement Experience

Anurag Das

Tarun Deep Girdher

Anurag worked on a system design project that dealt with enhancing the experience of fresh produce procurement and consumption, to ensure a sustainable lifestyle. The objective was to create a sustainable model to assist consumers in deciding what to eat. Research involved studying a holistic system and the relationships between different stakeholders. Data was collected through reports, articles and site visits before analysing and mapping, followed by finding technology trends to improve the food system.
Branding included naming the product and creating a visual identity and language. The project involved several ethical issues to find a meaningful amalgamation between design and technology. In the age of data intrusion and Artificial Intelligence takeovers, humans are more concerned than ever about digital footprints and their impact. As a designer, it was Anurag’s responsibility to create a balanced product that users could relate with and use seamlessly in the long run.