Discipline Faculty

Branding a Joint Venture: Intelligent Construction Tools (ICT)

Arun Chanchal

Nanki Nath

ICT is a software developing company that needed a unique visual identity. The project aimed to create and communicate the brand through strategic branding that helped in answering questions about its products and USPs. Workshops, questionnaires and interviews with various stakeholders were conducted in order to gain qualitative and quantitative insights regarding the organisation. The deliverables included a visual identity, presentation deck and corporate branding collaterals. Customer segment and competitor study were also done to empathise with the brand and design a unique branding system. Areas of opportunity for a graphic design intervention were identified, to understand the voice of branding required. Based on the analysis, the look and feel of the brand, visual metaphors and identity were finalised to ideate the collaterals as per the tone and visual requirements. Arun also documented the whole process in the form of photographs, written notes and videos to help him build a brand language.