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Inside Story

Akanksha Dutta

Bhaumik Nagar

The design and development of an alternative storytelling experience for six to eight-year-old children using interactive and technically advanced mediums formed the objective of Akanksha’s graduation project. Every storytelling experience enhances creativity and the overall intellectual development of children. The advent of digital technology and children’s fast adaptability to these transformations, endorsed the use of digital interactive media to develop this storytelling experience. Multiple engagements with the target audience led to the evolution of the medium and platform.
A four-step design methodology was followed. Development of the design started with fundamental groundwork in diverse domains, moved on to representational techniques and eventually progressed to the experience design. Relatable, custom content was developed for the target audience along with character designs, graphic visuals and a visual language to support conceptualization and production design. Testing and validation of the developed prototype was conducted to assess feasibility and technical features.