Discipline Faculty

Brand Strategy for Asian Paints Royale Play

Pallavi Jain

Dr Tridha Gajjar

Asian Paints, a company that started from a garage is now the market leader and operates in sixteen countries. In India, the focus has now shifted from painting walls to selecting colors for decor. While working with Centre of Gravity, Pallavi had the opportunity to learn about the changing consumer needs and how to cater to them. The focus of her project was to reposition the brand Royale Play and develop a brand world around it.
She learnt about the paint industry, its products and the people and studied the stakeholders involved in the product’s journey, by interviewing homeowners, contractors and individuals associated with brand management. Through the research, Pallavi explored how design could provide meaning to consumers. Its core revolved around play and the brand could leverage it by creating a sense of belonging. She helped the brand discover, create and employ mood boards and keywords to lead the philosophy to its eventual manifestation.