Discipline Faculty

Category Communication Strategies for Big Bazaar

Ketaki Nitin Shintre

Nijoo Dubey

For her project, Ketaki worked with Big Bazaar, a huge retail hypermarket chain with an extensive customer group across India with diverse cultures, food, regional and language differences. Since the organization is quite fast paced considering season, sale changes, new offers and retail strategies, designs had to be updated and executed in quick time. The brief was to develop category communication strategies for Big Bazaar stores to enhance the customer buying experience.
The project aimed at enhancing retail product communication of different categories majorly falling under the Home section of Big Bazaar. Strategies focusing on a customer centric approach to enhance customer delight, shopping convenience and remembrance of the category were developed. Trends were observed and different design directions were mapped as per the category need. After approval, design dockets were made and sent for pilot executions. Final designs were executed after all alterations, at the rest of the Big Bazaar stores.