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Visualization for Enterprise Cloud Disaster Recovery Infrastructure

Jibin Varghese

Chakradhar Saswade

Visualization for Enterprise Cloud Disaster Recovery Infrastructure intends to assist users with a simple reference tool to manage and troubleshoot complex enterprise Disaster Recovery infrastructure. The Visualization UI provides information and feedback about constituting entities, relationships, ongoing events, configurations and alerts. It supports an in-depth, progressive and contextual information to perform required actions to assist with infrastructure management and troubleshooting. Businesses are proactively involved in modernizing the IT infrastructure to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Revolutionary technology such as hyper convergence has yielded significant benefits and made disaster recovery solutions both effective and efficient. Agile methodology, iterative designs and rapid prototyping were the key principles used in the design process. Both internal and external Nutanix stakeholders, customers feedback and DR artefacts were part of the primary and secondary research. Multiple design iterations were made followed by testing of prototypes. The project was also tested for usability at the Nutanix Next 2018 Conference at New Orleans.