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Anubhavah: Knock-down Bamboo Furniture

Nikita Malik

P Rama Krishna Rao

Anubhavah meaning aesthetic experience is a self-sponsored project in collaboration with NID Bengaluru. The idea was to create residential furniture with a relaxing experience, taking the user away from the complexities of today’s lifestyles. Nikita intended to explore bamboo as a craft material and to understand its potential as an alternative material for which she went through books and workshops. The outcome was a collection of five furniture items out of which four have been prototyped.
The products had a minimalist design and clean geometric forms that were soothing to the eye. High strength and stability made them reasonably durable. The concept broadly constituted two identical frames with two legs each and a middle frame to support the top. Nikita’s collection included a bench, dining table, dining chairs and sofa with and without armrest. Each product was designed with ergonomic standards by keeping user comfort in mind.