Discipline Faculty

Untangling the Knots of Innovation at Titan

Radhika Verma

S Guruprasad

Realising innovation is the key driver for business transformation, Radhika’s project focused on fostering a culture of innovation at Titan, by designing an innovation toolkit that enabled the employees to innovate freely. She understood the organizational needs by sensing the hindrances of the team, sensitizing the employees, designing a framework for the innovation champions and by supporting their journey. Her research investigated barriers such as lack of awareness, synergy and ineffective communication amongst the employees.
Radhika transformed obstacles into solutions by raising awareness and inclining employees through support and learning programs, to develop the ‘UntangleToolkit’. Her solutions were contextual and received a great response from the organization. The challenge was to identify insights that could sculpt into implementable strategies. Titan gave her an opportunity to experiment with her ideas freely under appropriate guidance. She applied her learning from StrategicDesign Management to create outcomes that would take the organization closer to their vision.