Discipline Faculty

Brand Development: Premium Indian Single Malt Whisky

Nikhil Mittal

Tarun Deep Girdher

The objective of Nikhil’s project was to create branding for an Indian single malt whisky for global audiences. The scope included creation of all the necessary elements for a new brand such as nomenclature, identity, experience, packaging, strategy, story and brochure. The initial phase included understanding of the single malt world and creating a knowledge base. Key research insights were conceptualized and translated into visuals in the form of mood boards. ‘Whisky of the future’ was selected as the final concept.
A metaphoric narrative of the concept was designed in the form of sketches and concept boards adding a layer of luxury experience to the brand. The complete brand language with identity, packaging and story was created, ensuring that the concept resonated with the strategy to create an overwhelming drinking experience. High resolution images of bottle and packaging were designed along with a video to build upon the concept.