Discipline Faculty

Design of Residential Air Purifiers

Anantha Balasubramanian

Mohammed Naim

The goal of the project was to study air purifiers as a system, understand its user behavior and solve the problem of air pollution in everyday life. The first step was to know the problems and experiences of user groups, through experiments carried out to identify the source. Concepts and prototypes were designed based on interviews, home visits, books and advertisement study. Affinity mapping of insights and a brainstorming session for addressing the problem were also conducted in the process.
Users and self-evaluation validated ideas through concept card presentations. The selected idea was taken for a mock prototype and tested by measuring its air quality. The user feedback was taken ahead to make necessary alterations in the design. The final prototype had a functional design highlighting issues that deviate users from buying the product. A key learning from this project, was the process of building and perfecting design through feedback before testing it with the users.