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Enhancing Value Perception of DUNZO through Product Level Interventions

Saurabh Singh

Mr. S Guruprasad

This study was undertaken as a part of an internship project with Dunzo where my role was of User-experience research and design intern which involved working along with the design team and user-side lead product manager.
Essentially Dunzo is a 24/7, 3-sided platform for Merchants, Delivery Partners, and Users. They have the vision to be the logistical layer of every city, where the partners pick and drop anything within the city.
The project brief intended to understand the users and value perception of Dunzo to design a seamless and intuitive user experience for its multisided digital product that connects users to the nearest delivery partner for local deliveries creating an ecosystem for hyperlocal logistics and e-commerce.
To understand the value perception of DUNZO amongst its different user groups an extensive qualitative and quantitative user research was done which helped in creating representative user personas for DUNZO. Further, to identify the core issues and problems in the overall service communication and delivery the user journeys of all the product categories for different user personas were created which helped in identifying a set of problem areas and opportunity statements that were poorly affecting the user experience. These opportunity areas were prioritized with the help of product and design teams at Dunzo and picked up further for solutioning phase.
During the research analysis phase, it was clearly evident that users are not able to understand the potential of this app and there is a requirement of awareness and education regarding the value proposition which gave direction to the ideation phase and lead to creating set of features and strategy to communicate the value propositions of Dunzo effectively outside the app and also with in the app interface.