Discipline Faculty

Casual Multi-Platform Digital Game Design and Development

Avishek Das

Dr Bibhudutta Baral

‘Timeless’ is a game about the everyday race against time, as seen through the restless dreams of the protagonist. Intended to be
played as a short interactive experience, the purpose of the game is to portray the oppressive nature of time and the tedious routine of our everyday working lives. The protagonist drifts along the inner surface of a seemingly endless tube-like dreamworld, dodging obstacles and collecting pickups.
The aim is to catch up with ‘Time’ itself
by maintaining a specific combination
of pickup collections. The dreamworld
is split into several levels, each representing an aspect of daily life where the protagonist feels most of his time is wasted away. The exit of each level is guarded by a boss character. The game ends with the appearance of the final super boss, a manifestation of the Lord of Time. The game was designed for various target platforms including Mobile (Android) and PC (Steam, Microsoft Store).