Discipline Faculty

Pruthvi: Logistics Vehicle for the Indian Farmer

Amey Maruti Hundre

Balaji Rengarajan

As a part of his graduation project with Ashok Leyland, Aney worked on creating a logistics vehicle design concept for their brand. Logistics play a crucial role in the agriculture industry for the supply of fresh farm goods to the consumer. As farmers hold the responsibility of first mile logistics of farm goods, their needs were taken into consideration while designing an affordable, practical and purposeful vehicle solution to improve the logistics efficiency.
The research process was channelized based on the company’s practical requirements and its existing line of commercial vehicles in the market. Studies carried out on the current Indian agriculture scenario, types of agricultural commodities and retail chains, food processing, new trends in agricultural marketing, vehicle segments and vehicle buying decisions led to formation of the concept vehicle attributes. The ideation phase included doodling and sketching and final deliverables that included the concept for a commercial vehicle design in 2D and 3D format.