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Envisioning Early Childhood Learning Experience


Chakradhar Saswade

Language Nutrition is a term which is created to describe language exposure rich in quality and quantity. Delivered in the context of social interactions, it is crucial for a child’s development and is strongly associated with future literacy and academic achievements. Just as a child needs an adequate amount of nutritious food for physical growth, language is needed for brain development. The disparity in language exposure may often contribute to gaps in vocabulary and an uncertain educational trajectory amongst children.
In the present scenario, working parents have less time to interact with their kids. This provides an opportunity for just-in-time interventions, which can guide parents to make conscious conversations with their child, putting themselves in the best position to effect change and promote the development of their children’s language skills. Pratyaksha conceptualized and designed a system to aid the parents with effective methods, to provide an enriching and joyful language learning environment for their child.