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Designing and Gamifying the Experience in Pumatrac

Arun Sahlot

Dr Bibhudutta Baral

Arun’s graduation project with Puma provided great exposure as to how one of the best sports retail brands of the world, infuse design and research into the making of their products. Lack of physical activity is a rising modern problem, affecting not just working adults, but children too. The objective of the project was to understand the user psychology and behavior related to motivation, in humans. Recognizing the factors that could be exploited to bring motivation in users, helped Arun devise a strategy that used motivation to push users to take up workout, in a fun and challenging way.

Study of market trends and existing fitness apps, resulted in the creation of a design brief for developing new features for user motivation and play. Mock-ups were created for user interaction during the running phase and a voice-user interface was also devised to help users with a frictionless flow.