Discipline Faculty

Applicant Tracking System

Tanya Swami

Dr Ranjit Konkar

The project aimed to reinvent Career Site Manager to achieve higher acceptance, by exploring the existing CSM to identify the challenges faced by corporate and consultancy clients for recruitment. Tanya incorporated a visually enhanced and intuitive platform through which recruiters could perform all the functions of job creation, searching and screening candidates, creating a database and offering management on a single platform. Her research involved accessing data and insights and using the product to understand its nuances in the process.
Tanya identified usage patterns, needs and grievances by interviewing and mapping empathy. She collected data from job postings, interviews of CSM clients, potential clients and dropouts. The process was understood by attending customer meetings and gathering unbiased client feedback. While collecting data, it was essential to maintain confidentiality, hence dummy content was used instead of actual data. The design was further developed from paper prototypes to digital wireframes and final screens.