Discipline Faculty

Bosch Experience Store Design

Rohan Mahesh Dinde

Nijoo Dubey

The project, though self-sponsored and not commissioned by Bosch Inc., aimed to design a flagship store for the appliances segment of Bosch. Primary research included personal interviews with prospective customers and visits to several Bosch as well as competitors’ stores. This helped in forming the design brief which primarily focused on providing a memorable visceral experience to customers, which would help build better customer engagement
and spread a good word about the Bosch Experience.
Ideation process led to the chosen theme called ‘Extended Imagination’. The design philosophy behind the project was that, high-quality Bosch products are the result of the extended imagination of the designers and engineers working on it and the same should be reflected and felt by the visiting customers. Sketching voraciously on space planning led to a unique spatial experience. A 3D computer model was built thereafter based on the sketches, by using Trimble Sketch-up and rendered in a software called Key-shot.