Discipline Faculty

Design Smart Wearables for the Indian Context

Anshuman Kumar

Krishnesh Mehta

Through the project, Anshuman challenged the definition of a smartwatch prevailing in the current scenario. The global portfolio of current time machines relies on smartphones, but the dependency on another gadget is not so smart after all. Titan is an alpha watchmaking company. Anshuman’s personal experience of smartwatches from three different brands and interviews of other users helped him gain deeper insights into the gaps and opportunities, to design a product range for Titan.
During the assignment, he studied when, why and how people read time. He mapped out different scenarios based on the ancient concepts of time, as defined in diverse philosophies, sects and civilizations. He also attempted to bring together the best of both worlds by amalgamating ancient wisdom with modern science. The possibilities of redefining smartwatches instead of reducing them to an extension of smartphones were explored, to bring a change in Titan’s growth in the Indian watch industry.