Discipline Faculty

X-Vader: Anti-Ballistic Military Vehicle

Shyamprasad S Shyamprasad

Vipul Vinzuda

Tata Elxsi is amongst the world’s leading providers of design and technology services for product engineering and solutions across industries including Broadcast, Communications and Automotive. The organization creates innovative products, services and experiences. For the project, Shyamprasad’s brief was to conceptualize a versatile anti-ballistic all terrain tactical response vehicle for 2030. While anti-ballistic vehicles are used for simple activities like transporting money, digging mines and transportation of dignitaries, they are most extensively used in battlefields by armed forces.
The project included an in-depth study on special operations vehicles and industrial constraints involved. The outcome resulted in a new concept for a ‘Multi-Mode Tactical Response Vehicle’ for the Indian army, that could take up multiple roles with minimal effort for modification. A three dimensional model was constructed based on the final renders to further help visualize the concept. The project investigated future possibilities for a specifically designed, streamlined military vehicle with a stable, commanding character.